Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat With Base, Night Black, One Size

  • Rear facing from 5 30 pounds and upto 32” and includes a convenient stay in car adjustable car seat base
  • Fully compatible with maxi cosi and many other premium brand strollers, this car seat gives you options for getting around with your child
  • Lightweight with a contoured handle that curves around your hip for a more comfortable carry
  • Self wicking fabric: Deodorizes and draws liquids away from the skin to help keep baby dry and comfortable

Product Description

Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat With Base, Night Black, One Size: Product Description

Style:Mico 30  |  Color:Night Black Happy Travels are Ahead Introducing one of the lightest infant car seats in its class, with an ergonomic handle that provides extra comfort for parents while carrying. Transferring from the stay-in-car base to a Maxi-Codi, Quinn, or other premium stroller is a breeze, making the Maxi-Codi Mica 30 Infant Car Seat a great solution for parents looking for a complete travel system they can use from birth.machine Washable, Self-Wicking Fabric The Mica 30’s seat features self-wicking fabric that deodorizes and draws liquids away from the skin to help keep baby dry and comfortable during the ride. The innovative seat pad design allows for removal within seconds; no rethreading of harnesses required! The seat fabrics are also both machine washable and dryer safe, making removal for a thorough cleaning quicker and easier than other infant car and Easy to Install The Mica 30 includes an adjustable car seat base with LATCH for a better fit in your car. The comfortable premium fabrics and padded 5-point harness covers keep baby secure and cozy during the ride, and the included Cozi-Dozi head insert is perfect for the extra support needed by infants.tided Comfort for the Family Each Mica 30 comes complete with a multi-position sun canopy with a flip out visor to help protect baby’s sensitive eyes from bright lights. It’s also easier for mom and dad to get around thanks to the contoured handle that is designed to curve around your hip for a more comfortable carry. Give your family happy travels with a Maxi-Codi Mica 30 Infant Car Seat that makes each journey with baby easier and safer!


why does the head fall forward in the child seat

When we sleep, our body tension subsides. This is quite normal and not only for the little ones: You will surely know this phenomenon yourself if you have already fallen asleep on the bus or car and woke up with neck pain sometime later.

The reason for the head falling is the insufficient inclination of our seat and the lack of lateral support for the head. It’s similar to our children. If the head falls forward on the chest, this is due to your child’s sitting position or due to the child seat being installed upright.

How do I choose the best baby car seat?

The most suitable car seat for babies depends on your preferences, but there are certain important factors that you should consider, such as safety, usability, price, and convenience.
I recommend that you go to baby shops as a part of your research and familiarize yourself with the different chairs. Pay attention to details such as

  • Your weight Raise the chairs to see how heavy they are (and imagine what the weight would be if you had your baby in them).
  • Open and close the buckles so, you know if it is difficult for your baby to feel uneasy to do. Could you do it with one hand
  • What position is the handle in? Would it be possible to load the baby carrier with one hand?
  • Can the material be easily cleaned? Can you remove the cover to wash it?
  • Is it easy to adjust the straps? What if the baby is already sitting? In some chairs, when you have the babysitting, and you need to adjust the strap by pulling on the bottom, the weight of the baby makes the task difficult.
  • Do you have easy installation instructions to follow?
  • If it is a part of a package that includes the baby car, is the stroller comfortable, convenient, easy to fold and transport and safe?

Clean car seats with lemon juice

Lemon water can also be used to remove dirt and stains from car seats. The procedure is the same as for vinegar car preparation. So if you don’t like the smell of vinegar, for example, use a sponge to add a little lemon water to the stained upholstery and wipe the area with a damp cloth after a short time.

Basically, before you start cleaning stained car seats, you should vacuum them thoroughly first. This prevents dust that is already on the upholstery from being incorporated into the car seats during subsequent cleaning. In addition, you should use little water so that the inner windows do not get wet or a musty smell arises in the car. Since chemical upholstery cleaners can often contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and human health, the following section mainly deals with natural household remedies that you may already have at home.