(New 3rd UPGRADE) Nylon Rucksack Organizer Insert, Diaper Backpack Organizer,Backpack Organizer Insert, Women Backpack For Mummy Coach MCM LV JanSport Anello, Small Large (Small, Pink)

  • ☀Superiority 1: Material: nylon waterproof, easy to clean, All for environmental protection material, without any peculiar smell.
  • ☀Superiority 2: MULTI-POCKET:This backpack organizer have total 18 pockets. Front exterior has insert pockets and zipper pocket, interior has many pocket for you to store your wallet, glasses, camera, pen, phone, cosmetics, diapers, bottle, etc. Keep your essentials well organized, and simplify your life
  • ☀Superiority 3: Not BULKY:It’s close to the weight of two apples, which is 267g,Put it in the backpack and you won’t feel any noticeable weight gain.
  • ☀Superiority 4: Lining PP hard sheet, firm, up-right,There is a movable bottom plate,Better support for backpack shape.
  • ☀Superiority 5: EASY TO CARRY- Size:10.6L x 5.9W x 13.8H inches. Suit for MCM and the same size of other style backpack.Convenient to carry in and out of your all belongings

Product Description

(New 3rd UPGRADE) Nylon Rucksack Organizer Insert, Diaper Backpack Organizer,Backpack Organizer Insert, Women Backpack For Mummy Coach MCM LV JanSport Anello, Small Large (Small, Pink): Product Description


How to organize your changing bag?

Tackle the little things
Although your diaper bag is probably full of pockets. We suggest that you take the next step. Make sure all your little things are organized when they are in these pockets. You need to be able to find and easily access each item in your bag. So start small. For example, take a case for the baby pacifier. Many cases are hard and slip into pockets, while others are flexible. It is also useful to find small containers or storage pockets. They’re great for holding dressings, tissue packs, medicine if your child needs it, and even thermometers or breast pump accessories. Having a compartment for all these small things makes the organization much easier.

Prepare to face difficult situations
A diaper bag, in addition to containing all the necessities, also serves as a storage place for soiled clothing, or accessories. Babies often have accidents and get dirty very quickly. So, the best is to provide a waterproof bag. These bags (you choose the format that suits you) can easily accommodate wet, soiled clothes or dirty accessories. Preferably keep them away from all other important baby items. In addition, it is advisable to have a changing mat which should always be placed in your bag to facilitate the change of diaper and avoid damage! Many changing mats roll up and store in a side compartment which keeps the bag spacious and tidy. As the damage is frequent, baby wipes should be placed in an easy-access side pocket, so, you don’t have to rummage around in the bag. Disposable plastic bags are also very useful, for the disposing of diapers, for example. They will find their place in the zippered compartments.

Choose small formats
You don’t need to bring baby products that you have at home that are standard size. Unless you have to be away from home for a few days. So to keep your bag organized with a minimum of things. Choose to include samples of baby products such as powder, liniment, lotion, etc.

How to use a Diaper Bag?

A changing bag is easy to use. It should just contain the complete accessories for your baby. First, prepare well in advance to be ready for your child’s outing. Choose each compartment carefully to contain each type of accessory. If possible, the first list everything you need to take with you. It must absolutely contain: diapers, bags for storing all the diapers used, wipes, antibacterial disinfectant gels, small snacks, bottles of pure water, the mattress for changing the baby, spare clothes, the first aid kit and finally, the objects to console him if he cries a lot.

Store each of these accessories in a specific compartment. Check each item on your list. This method prevents you from forgetting. Then take a clean diaper bag with you that contains clean accessories. Your child should be treated with maximum cleanliness. Then put your bag in a safe place when you stop. It should not put your child at risk. Finally, be aware that the changing bag can be used for newborns and infants. At least until their 3, 4 or 5 years.

  • -Every 2 or 3-4 days, depending on the number of layers you have.
  • -Select the “cotton” program (large program with rewash and wash) 40 to 60 ° C. (40 ° is sufficient, 60 ° if sick child or redness …)
  • -Rewash with powder 1x out of 2 in the compartment provided for it.
  • -Wash with a moderate dose of detergent each time in the washing compartment: 1/4 of the usual dose. (1 to 2 tbsp is enough).
  • -We recommend powder detergent (no liquid detergent).

No laundry with Marseille Soap. No washing powder made from vegetable oil. Indeed, the glycerin (fatty agent) present in all these products quickly forms an impermeable film which makes the washable layers non-absorbent.

  • No softener, no aggressive bleaching.
  • You can place the Te2 protective pants and envelopes in a washing net. Thus, you do not risk putting them in the electric dryer.