Peg Perego Booklet Travel System, Atmosphere

  • Made In Italy
  • Travel System comes with the Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seat. The car seat can be attached directly to the stroller’s retractable anchors, without adapters.
  • Innovative design allows for quick and easy fold that closes inward, always keeping upholstery clean.
  • Wheels with ball bearings and suspension allow for 360 degree agility and less effort in pushing. Lockable front swivel wheels with independent “one-step” rear wheel brakes

Product Description

Peg Perego Booklet Travel System, Atmosphere: Product Description

Color:Atmosphere Booklet travel system combines the convenience of the booklet stroller and the safety of the primo Viaggio 4. 35. It is the perfect combination for all outings with baby. The lightweight frame has a unique “book-like” folding mechanism, the booklet folds inward ensuring that the upholstery is always protected and clean. Once closed it is compact, can be stowed anywhere and it stands on its own. An automatic locking system keeps the stroller closed for easy transport when folded. The streamlined design of the booklet allows it to be maneuvered with ease through heavy sidewalk traffic, narrow aisles and crowded elevators. The hood has an extendable UPF 50+ protecting visor, which helps shield little ones from the sun’s UV rays. Wheels with ball bearings and suspension let the stroller be pushed effortlessly, while easily overcoming bumps and uneven surfaces. The frame is composed of lacquered aluminum, which is very solid, yet lightweight enough to be easily maneuvered and carried. The primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seat, in matching collection, attaches directly onto the seat without additional adapters. Simply recline the stroller backrest and place the car seat on the built-in, retractable anchors and the travel system is ready to go. Made in Italy. age.mfg_minimum: 0 months and age.mfg_maximum: 60 months


Which place in the car is the safest?

For a long time, experts recommended the back seat and often the center seat as the ideal place for the youngsters β€” because you usually sit the furthest away from the collision obstacle. β€œIn modern cars, however, all places are equally safe,” says Jacobson. If the soft body flank is still a weak point inside collisions in older cars, current models are much more stable in this regard. However, it is important that the seats are equipped with belt pensioners. But they are far from being standard on all rear cars on the back seat.

Choose car seats and car seats of high-quality materials. Plastic parts must be strong, without a sharp and unpleasant smell. The attachment should be made of metal. The fabric on the car seat should be breathable. Very good if the cover can be removed from the chair for washing.

Always try an armchair for a child. For tall children, choose chairs deep and wide so that they can fit in clothes even in winter. For small, or premature babies, choose armchairs of modest size.

Before buying, make sure the car seat is compatible with your car. It is important that all attachments fit together perfectly, and installing the chair did not take much time.

Clean car seats: Pay attention to the cover

Before you go to the cleaning cabinet, you should consider which cleaning agents you can use at all. Logically, leather seats need different care than seat covers made of fiber fabric. They are generally somewhat more robust and acidic aids can also be used for cleaning.

Fiber fabrics. on the other hand, they are manufactured in such a way that they withstand protracted wear and tear β€” which is why do the cleaning often becomes a problem and cleaning agents from the hardware store often do nothing. Ultimately, it is the good old home remedies that are used.